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Some say a house is where you live, but a home is where you make memories.

At Shawn Nelson Builders we think the building process should be included in those memories: where the homeowner is part of the experience, always informed, and assured of value without any sacrifice of quality.

Our mission is simple – to build a home that is elegant in its execution and endures the test of time. 

We’ve been building and remodeling homes in Los Angeles since 2003. A visit to any one of our projects will demonstrate that not only are our projects beautiful, but that they are built with quality and hold up extremely well over time.

Working with some of the most discerning and demanding clients is what you sign on for when you decide to build the finest homes. Everyone has heard the horror stories about the home building process and contractors who don’t communicate well, don’t honor their commitments, and who don’t seem to value their relationship with the clients. So how do we build these incredible homes and maintain wonderful lasting friendships with our clients? We bring project controls from the commercial construction marketplace and apply them to the residential home building process. Using these commercial processes we are able to keep the client informed and in the driver’s seat; to foster the trust and loyalty that allows us to remain friends and trusted advisors to our clients throughout the lives of their homes, and beyond. 


Clients have commented that when beginning the home building process what they thought they wanted was a contractor who would work quickly and work within a reasonable budget.  But what they discovered along the way is that what they REALLY want is a contractor who brings to the table honesty and integrity, reliability, high quality work, and good communication. 

Whether your project is ground up or a remodel, even after the plans are finalized and the permits pulled, there are still literally thousands of decisions to be made by a client when building a home. We utilize project management methods developed in the commercial construction market and refined over the last 15 plus years in residential construction and apply them to the home building process to ensure that the client is well informed throughout the process, always in control, and able to be out in front of the decision making process. 

We staff all of our projects with highly skilled superintendents and project managers who are dedicated to your project and on site full time to ensure quality and value. Our core values are expressed as a series of 20+ fundamental behaviors that guide us and define us as a company. 

A few of the fundamental behaviors that guide our business are:

·         Do the right thing, always – Trust is of utmost importance in any relationship and we believe that Honesty and Integrity are the key to building trust with the client.

·         Honor commitments – Reliability is also vital to building trust and there is no better way to display reliability than by honoring our commitments.

·        Practice blameless problem solving – The client has assembled a team with a mission to bring a design vision to reality. We believe that as a part of that team our job is to help maintain focus on achieving the client’s vision, which in turn helps to build strong rapport and loyalty among the team.